“Ruth goes the extra mile to provide the highest quality of work.”   -former colleague at Exponent Philanthropy

Foundations: Overview of Services

With 25 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector working with hundreds of private foundations, I understand the dynamic context in which foundations operate, the unique role that they fill, and the stressors that must be managed.

The skills and experience I bring are a perfect match for smaller- and medium-staffed foundations. I understand that you are wearing many hats and are often stretched to capacity.

If we work together, I will:

          ❖ Meet you where you are

          ❖ Listen carefully

          ❖ Be candid

          ❖ Provide results that are aligned with your mission and ready for action

Sample projects that I can do for your foundation include:

          ➺ Board self-assessments and organizational assessments tailored to your needs

          ➺ Leadership succession planning

          ➺ Landscape scans in your foundation’s current or prospective funding areas

          ➺ Facilitating conversations around root causes and leverage points

          ➺ Grantee perception assessments and other strategies for listening to grantees

          ➺ Exploring new grantmaking strategies to improve impact, whether the foundation is considering multi-year grants, a peer review process, or participatory grantmaking

          ➺ Providing technical initial or ongoing support setting up participatory grantmaking processes, scholarships or other grants to individuals, expenditure responsibility grants, advocacy grants, international grants, and other strategies

          ➺ Writing communications to get your message out

          ➺ Support, consultation, and/or staffing during the process of closing shop

          ➺ Starting up – full formation and tax exemption

Download my Introduction Sheet to learn more. To discuss your ideas, please reach out for a conversation. I’m happy to chat with you about your needs and interests and answer your questions.